Myrrh Bearing Women’s Society


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the Spiritual and Physical Welfare of the women of the Parish, in accordance with the religious teaching and practice of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church. The organization shall endeavor to develop among its members a spirit of leadership, cooperation and devotion to the welfare of the Parish and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America of which it is a part, and any moneys raised by the organization shall be used solely for the good of the church. The Myrrh Bearers have been part of the life at St. George for over eighty years, and during that time our efforts have been focused on helping to support the church. The ability to aid the various aspects of parish life comes mainly from the sale of kibbee, meat pies and pastries. “Cooking days” are held several times a year to make and sell these items. The days are full of fellowship as we work and learn together. Occasionally we get together just to socialize and appreciate one another.

All of the women of the St. George community are welcome to be part of this organization and its great traditions. The following prayer is the official prayer of our national organization and is used to open our monthly meetings.

Prayer of the Myrrh Bearing Women

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, O Christ our God, We are pledged to serve Thee with our whole being. Help us to continue to work for Thee through our Church without seeking praise, without seeking gain, without judging others, without a feeling that we have worked hard enough and now must allow ourselves to rest. Give us strength to do what is right And help us to go on striving, And to remember that ACTIVITIES are not the main things in life. The most important thing is to have our hearts directed and attuned to thee. Amen