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Next Kibbee Sale – 9/16th

Our Myrrh Bearing Ladies’ next Kibbee Sale will be on Tuesday, September 16th — 6 for $18.00 or 12 for $33.00. Pre-orders only at 724-335-9988 (Church) or 724-337-3918 (Betty Shaheen). We sell out fast!
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Celebrating our Women

We celebrated all the hard working women of our church at the Annual Myrrh-Bearing Summer Picnic.  Lots of great food, friends, and fellowship. Thanks to Cathy Firek for the pictures.
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Kibbee Sale – Tuesday, May 20th

Our Myrrh Bearing Ladies will be making and selling Kibbee on Tuesday, May 20th — 6 for $18 or 12 for $33.00. Call the office at 724/335-9988 or Betty Shaheen at 724/337-3918 to place your order. Thank you to our amazing Myrrh Bearing Ladies for their wonderful Kibbee, and for all they do for our parish!
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December Sweets

Our Myrrh Bearing ladies had a great time in early December making Syrian sweets and sweet bread to fill all the orders that had been placed. The ladies are always appreciative of the men helpers that join them on their baking days as well. And the result… two days of hard work, fun fellowship, and popular Syrian sweets that are […]
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Our Popular Meat Pies

What a fun day for a large group that gathered to make meat pies, each person taking a responsibility such as flattening the dough, shaping the meat pies, baking them, and organizing the orders.  The intent was to sell them at the September 7th Lamb Dinner & Vendor Fair, which we did, but half the meat pies were sold almost […]
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2013 Myrrh-Bearing Summer Picnic

On August 22nd, the Myrrh-Bearing ladies gathered for their annual summer picnic.  Everyone brought a side dish, and we savored a delicious buffet and great fellowship.  Thanks to the Moses family for inviting us to their home again this year.
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A Magnificent Myrrh Bearing Ladies Banquet

On Sunday, June 2nd, after Liturgy, the Myrrh Bearing Ladies hosted their annual Spring Banquet at Oakmont Country Club.  The company was delightful, the views were terrific, and the food was outstanding.  Our President, Sharon Adda, handed out gift bags after the luncheon and we enjoyed learning some Myrrh Bearing trivia, like who was the oldest, and youngest Myrrh Bearing […]
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Thanks for your Kibbee Orders

Thanks to everyone that ordered Kibbee in May.  In order to fill all our Kibbee orders, we need a lot of volunteers to form the assembly line to make and bake the Kibbee.  We always have a lot of fun too! Our next Kibbee baking and pick-up will be on Tuesday, July 17th.  Twelve kibbee for $33.  Call the office […]
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Order your Delicious Kibbee – Pickup Tuesday, 5/21st

Our St. George Myrrh Bearing Ladies make the best kibbee around — $3.00 each or 12 for $33.00. Call the St. George office at 724/335-9988 to place your order for pick-up on Tuesday, 5/21st.
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Myrrh Bearing Women Summer Picnic

Every summer the myrrh bearing women enjoy delicious food and great fellowship at their annual summer picnic.  We thank the Moses family for graciously hosting the picnic at their home on August 16th, 2012.  It was a beautiful day.  We had a delicious potluck variety of food, and after dinner had lots of fun playing a variety of games.
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