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Metropolitan Philip 40 days Trisagion service

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Christ is Risen! This Sunday, May 4, immediately following Divine Liturgy, we will hold a 40 days Trisagion service in honor of our beloved Father Metropolitan PHILIP, of thrice blessed memory and eternal rest. Please make every effort to join us to celebrate this special and solemn commemoration which will be celebrated at every […]
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Reminder: PLC 2014 at Antiochian Village

Christ is Risen! It’s hard to believe that the 2014 Parish Life Conference is only 2 months away. We hope you’ll join us for this historic event at Antiochian Village. Please remember to register and book your room as soon as possible! Registration is available online, and printable forms are also available:
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St. George Choir helping to make history

AXIOS Music is thrilled to announce the premiere performance of the Soma Christou Virtual Choir.  During the midnight Easter Liturgy, scores of Orthodox choirs sing Tikey Zes’s arrangement of the Paschal communion hymn, “Soma Christou” – “Receive the Body of Christ.” As a tribute to Tikey and his music, choir members from around the United States helped AXIOS Music create […]
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Agape Vespers of the Resurrection

The Joyous Resurrection of Christ is announced and celebrated with the reading of the Resurrection Gospel in many languages. Christ is Risen! – Truly He is Risen! Christos anesti – alithos anesti Al-maseeh qam – Ha-qan qam المسيح قام – حقاً قام Christos voskrese – Vo-istinu voskrese Hristos a Inviat – a Deverat a Inviat Le Christe est Resucité – En […]
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Christ is Risen!

Truly He is Risen! Late Saturday night, the ‘true light’ is offered and  a candle lit procession makes its way around the church reminding us that the Light has overthrown the darkness.  The Paschal Liturgy is celebrated at midnight in the light filled church as if in the light giving tomb of the Resurrection.
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Great Saturday Morning – Victory over Death

At Liturgy on Great Saturday morning, the tomb of Our Lord was our focus as we realized the death and burial of Christ and anxiously anticipated the joy of His Resurrection.  We scattered bay leaves and rose petals, ancient signs of victory and the return of a king, to acknowledge Christ’s victory over death. The teens dyed Easter eggs for […]
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Great Friday Evening – Lamentations

During the Great Friday evening services, the lamentations of the Theotokos are sung.  The sacred shroud and decorated bier are carried in funeral procession around the outside of the church as we relive the burial of our Lord.
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Great Friday Royal Hours and Vespers

On Great Friday morning, during the Royal Hours & Vespers services, we commemorated the life giving death on the Cross of Our Savior Jesus Christ, the removal of His sacred body and the placing in the tomb.  Following the services, we decorated the tomb.
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Last Supper and The Passion of Our Lord

On Great Thursday, at a morning Liturgy, the Mystical Supper of Christ with His disciples is remembered as He offers the Mystery of His Body and Blood for our salvation.  He commands us ‘do this in memory of Me’. At the evening service, we commemorate the passion and death of Our Lord and Savior.  Jesus Christ is read from twelve […]
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Holy Unction

The Sacrament of Holy Unction is celebrated on Holy Wednesday for the healing of our souls and bodies. The themes of the seven Epistle and Gospel readings are: repentance, forgiveness, and healing.
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